Planning your dream wedding in Ontario? Ensure a seamless start by securing a valid marriage licence. Here's a step-by-step guide to help you navigate the process:

1. Application Process:

To begin, complete the marriage licence application. Visit your local municipality or check their website to confirm if they offer this service. If you're in Ottawa, apply conveniently here.

2. Required Identification:

Gather two pieces of government-issued identification for each person getting married. One piece must include a photo. Acceptable forms include:

  • Government-issued birth certificate (with any name change certificates)
  • Valid passport
  • Record of immigrant landing
  • Canadian Citizenship Card
  • Valid driver’s licence
  • Valid Ontario Photo Card

3. Additional Documentation (if applicable):

Ensure you have supporting documentation, such as proof of divorce if applicable. Remember, this is a crucial step in the process.

4. Cost:

The marriage licence is purchased directly from the municipality, with Ottawa's current fee standing at $173.

5. Solo Applicant? No Worries:

If only one partner can attend the appointment, they must provide two pieces of identification for themselves and two for their partner.


Post-Application Tips:

After completing the application process:

1. Verify Your Licence Information:

Ensure all details on your marriage licence, including names and addresses, are accurate.

2. Inform Your Officiant:

Send a copy of your wedding licence to your officiant promptly.

3. Keep It Safe:

Store your marriage licence securely until the big day.

4. Don't Forget on Your Wedding Day:

Most importantly, remember to bring your marriage licence with you on your wedding day!